Your patient’s health is your business, and you need to get ahead of the competition if you want to stay in the game. Today, people are more selective of the services they seek, and you need to convince your patients that you are their best option. How do you do that? They know you offer dentist services- but so do hundreds of other dentists in your area. What sets you apart from all the rest? Here are 7 dentist marketing tips that will drive more patients to your dental practice this year.

Best Dentist Marketing Tips for 2016

1. Use Text And Phone Call Reminders

Work on your existing clients. They are your current source of revenue. Remind them of their dental appointments via phone. You can use automated software solutions to send out the reminders.

2. Market To Kindergarteners

Reach out to the kids in kindergartens in your area. Give them free giveaways- like toothbrushes. Attach a card to that describes your dental practice. The parents are very likely to get back to you with questions about their kid’s oral hygiene, or how they can book their dental visits.

3. Use Video Marketing

Visuals will always be more effective than plain text. Speak to your future clients through videos posted onto your site. They can be videos of anything- from explanations about the procedures you offer, tips on oral hygiene to tours of your office.

4. Online Marketing

If your patients are going to find you online, you need to be visible. Search engines like Google are evolving, and SEO is changing. Just a few months ago in February, Google removed right-hand side ads on desktop search results. This was to increase mobile-friendliness of the results. More and more people are making their searches from their smartphones and tablets. It’s a global shift, and Google acknowledges this. So should you too. Have your website designed with the use in mind. It should be personalized and simplified. A visitor to your site wants to learn more about you. Don’t fill it with numerous pop-ups. Include real photos of you and your staff. Add patient’s testimonials to your site. If you can get video testimonials, the better for your practice. Make the information that your patients are looking for easily available- from your address and phone number to your hours and forms of payment accepted.

5. Leverage On The Power Of Social Media

Work on your social media strategies across all platforms from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Foursquare. Your patients should be able to interact with you on these social sites since most of them already have a presence there. Make it easy for them to find and chat with you. They may have questions on what you’re offering, what you charge, or they may even want to book an appointment.

6. Focus on Local SEO

Google bring ups results for businesses close to the searcher’s geographical location. Include local, targeted keywords. You need to be more than just “dentist”. Include your city and even neighborhood name. Get on Google my Business and other third party search and reference sites like Manta, Refer Local, Yelp, Bing and even Yellow Pages.

7. Call Patients Post-treatment

It warms their hearts and shows them how much you care. Call them up especially after major treatments to see how well they are doing. They’ll become your loyal clients, and trust you will their oral hygiene.

You can see an example of Dentist Marketing by visiting Glades Dental Social profiles or website.